New Applied Acoustics Systems Promo – Get 50% off on all products


You can get 50% off on the Applied Acoustics Systems virtual instruments and Sound Pack Series right now. Here is your chance to pick up these inspiring instruments and totally original sounds for a bargain price.

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About Applied Acoustics Systems :

Applied Acoustics Systems have been called the masters of physical modelling synthesis. That means their instruments, plug-ins and sound banks have a unique quality.

For Example There simply isn’t another plugin on the market that does what Objeq Delay does, and its ability to generate percussive and melodic echo ‘sequences’ from any source material – as well as wonderfully odd spatialising, chorusing, flanging and more straightforward delay effects – is genuinely remarkable.

Chromaphone 2 is a knockout example of physical modeling, wrapped in an interface that is remarkably easy to understand. It is a synthesizer which uses acoustic resonators to create drums, percussion, mallet, string, and other unique instruments. Like all the AAS instruments it has a sound of its own.

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