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We have a truly new exciting product line for you. MIA Laboratories develop the highest quality emulations of prestigious analog studio mixing effects that we have ever heard. They are available now for you to discover at great introductory prices.

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Pi and Phi is MIA Laboratories’ landmark product, designed and destined to impress. It enriches the mix and each of its separate contents with an overall acoustic effect that can only be described as super-enhanced vivacity and brio, with a warm yet powerful ‘sparkle’.

The Musiqual Series EQ series gives the ultimate emulations of Class A, Tube and Transistor equalisers. They have a very different approach to the user interface that allows variations in tone from the very subtle to most intense you have ever experienced.

About MIA Laboratories

The MIA Laboratories team is committed to exploring and stretching the capabilities of digital sound processing technology to its cutting edge. Following years of strenuous research, rigorous testing, acute listening, tweaking and then judging the results again and again, they have succeeded in what they set out to achieve.

Fusing science, experience, knowledge and passion, MIA Laboratories can claim to be able to finally deliver all the most revered aspects of analogue sound, through digital processing. Their current products are the first of a series of next-level audio processing software tools they aim to create.

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