Plug & Mix Multi-Tap Delay ‘Guitar Month’ promo


‘Guitar Month’ wouldn’t be complete without the great Multi-Tap Delay from Plug & Mix. Get it now at 60% off!

P&M Multi-Tap Delay lets you build cascading delay lines, resonant robotic tones, or dreamy echo drones, this plug-in can do it all. P&M Multi-tap sounds amazing on guitar, or anything else you want to feed it.

Get Multi-Tap Delay Here !
for Only $19 (List $49)

P&M Multi-Tap Delay Controls:

  • MIX – Dry/Wet control.
  • SPEED – Controls the timing of the initial echo.
  • SYNC – Allows you to sync the delay with your master tempo.
  • COLOR – Dials in the brightness or darkness of the echo.
  • REPEAT – Turns up the feedback of the effect.
  • POS – Sets the position of the playhead for each individual delay tap.
  • PAN – Sets the pan of each of the 5 delay taps.
  • LEV – Sets the level for each delay tap.

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