Nomad Factory’s Echoes on Guitar Month Promo

Nomad Factory Echoes Guitar Month 2019

Nomad Factory’s Echoes is the essential guitar effect plug-in. Everyone needs a great tape delay to get their tracks slapping along to the rhythm. Only $39 right now! (List $129).

Get Nomad Factory’s Echoes Here for only $39 !

About Echoes :

ECHOES faithfully models the greatest delay effects of all time, PLX-1 based on Echoplex 1, PLX-3 based on Echoplex 3, OILCAN based on Tel-Ray Oilcan Delay, EHX-DM based on Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, and ADM-2 based on Boss DM-2 Analog Delay.

Unlike many other delay plug-ins that have dozens of unnecessary knobs and confusing parameters, Echoes has captured the essence of the original effects by keeping it simple. With the turn of a few knobs, the plug-in delivers musical results and instant analog delay satisfaction!

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