Plug & Mix Dimension 3D only $19 during ‘Guitar Month’


The most famous effect of the ’70s was the Roland ‘Dimension-D’. This classic detune effect will instantly add a very special flavour to anything you add it to.

Get Dimension 3D for 60% off

About Dimension 3D :

Based on the famous Roland SDD320 – ‘Dimension-D’ released around the late 70′s. This unit adds the highly sought after detuning effect heard on countless classic rock records and that continues to be used on modern club tracks.

Press one of the 3 Selector Knobs to Choose between 3 detuning modes and then adjust the overall strength of the effect with the big Detune knob. Use the In and Out knobs at the top to adjust the signal input and overall out.


  • Detune – Gives you less or more of the classic detune effect.
  • Selector buttons – Choose between D1, D2 or D3 for 3 different levels of chorusing.
  • In – Controls the input level of the plug-in.
  • Out – Controls the output level of the plug-in.

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