Audified DW Drum Enhancer & ToneSpot Drum Express


Audified are offering some great promos to “Make Your Drums Rock” this month !

ToneSpot Drum Express

$19 until August 15th, 2019

The Best Drum Tone Spotted Easily !

Improve the tone of acoustic, electric or synth drums and percussion. Express is a little brother of the Pro version.

No more tweaking. Get inspired by the sound and explore some new colors. Across genres & styles, immediately. Dirt cheap. Express delivers exactly the same sound quality and exactly the same amount of processing power, but with minimum controls so you can get the sweetspot of your tone super-fast. ToneSpot Drum Express is a preset-based plug-in that improves your tone in one click.

DW Drum Enhancer

$79 until September 12th, 2019

The only Drum Processor you’ll ever need !

The all-in-one drum processing tool designed and tuned by the DW recording engineers. DW Drum Enhancer is a processor designed to tweak the basic drum sounds from A to Z.

DW Drum Enhancer is not just one effect. It has got several EQs and compressors inside. By dialing the drum type the plug-in automatically chooses appropriate gate and compressor model and sets the 3-band EQ’s frequencies to ideal values. Five types of valve saturation will give your drum tracks the real-life feel.

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