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About Blue Tubes Analog Chorus CH2S

The Blue Tubes Analog Chorus creates a huge variety of classic modulation effects, such as Leslie, Chorus, and Auto-pan.

In addition, this effect provides the ultimate in control over LFO’s and panning, including waveform selection. Whether you need subtle enhancement or aggressive effects on a track, the CH2S has the power you need.


  • 2 LFOs with Rate and Depth and Sync
  • 2 Delay and Pan controls
  • Wave – Sine/Triangle/Square/Saw Down/Saw Up
  • Low EQ – low-shelf
  • High EQ – high-shelf
  • 2 HP and LP filters
  • Input and output level controls
  • Peak-Limiter control
  • Easy-to-use vintage interface
  • Full Automation for all parameters PC and Mac OS X

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