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Nomad Blue Tubes Tempo Delay 3D FREE

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About Blue Tubes Tempo Delay 3D

The BT Tempo Delays DL3D is a tempo-driven delay effect with a classic analog sound. No more trial-and-error in setting tempo-based delay times. Simply sync the tempo of the song, and select the note value corresponding to the desired delay time.

This delay provides three separate channels. Using the Pan controls, you can pan all three delay channels to the center, or spread the channels out across the stereo field (left, center, right). Gain controls set the levels for each channel individually.


  • BPM Tempo sync
  • All the 3 delays use individual Level and Pan controls
  • Delay time selectable by notes
  • Global Feedback control
  • Output level controls giving 20dB trim
  • LP and HP filters
  • Easy-to-use vintage interface
  • Full Automation for all parameters

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