MeldaProduction updates all plugins to 14.08

Melda Update-SEPT-2020

Important update — improvements, added features and bug fixes

MeldaProduction has updated plugins to 14.08, an important update that comes up with several improvements, new features and fixes. It is recommended to install this update. The newest version is now available from MeldaProduction’s download page.

Major changes for effects, MSoundFactory, MPowerSynth, MDrummer :

  • Added “IR” button to toolbar (exports impulse response of current plugin settings) for MCabinet(MB), all equalizers and all reverbs.
  • Improved “Analyse source / Load” feature of MAutoDynamicEq and MAutoEqualizer – double clicking on a file no longer closes the window, but loads it and performs automatic equalization, useful when browsing several source analyses.
  • Added back all upsampling ratios to 8x (then powers of 2 up to 1024x).
  • Added “Play fade” parameter to MSuperLooper, which controls the length of the fade-in/out when a track gets muted/unmuted.
  • Increased MSuperLooper’s Cross-fade range and added “Reverse cross-fade”.
  • Added “Immediate clear” option to MSuperLooper.
  • Added “Volume” to all tracks in MSuperLooper, to complement the track Gain.
  • Added “Cancel record” main button to MSuperLooper.
  • Added “Custom play” option and main button to MSuperLooper, which can avoid using DAW’s playback switch.
  • Improved MSpectralDynamics processing algorithm for more accurate and faster response.
  • Added MIDI triggering options to MXXX modules – Off velocity modes (including by length), probability.
  • Added “Custom GUI designer” to MXXX, which lets you easily edit custom graphical interfaces for devices.
  • Added autoequalizer settings to MFreeformEqualizer.
  • Added “Use peak filters for resonance removal” option to MAutoDynamicEq and MAutoEqualizer.
  • Added 32 multiparameters to MCompare.

See all changes on MeldaProduction’s website.

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