New MeldaProduction ‘MSpectralDynamicsLE’ released today

Melda September 2020 - MSpectralDynamicsLE

MeldaProduction is proud to announce the availability of long-awaited plugin with a massive discount

MSpectralDynamicsLE is the smaller brother of the mighty MSpectralDynamics, a true revolution in audio processing, which can flatten the spectrum, prevent collisions between tracks, remove noise, and open up myriad new creative possibilities.

The plugin‘s options are almost endless. But some users found MspectralDynamics with its possibilities too complex. They demanded an easier version with access to the basic functions only. Hopefully, (if possible) at a more affordable price. This is exactly why MeldaProduction is now introducing the LE version.

8 plugins in 1

MSpectralDynamicsLE is essentially a dynamics processor. It works in the spectral domain allowing you to tweak individual frequencies. It can be a compressor, de-esser, expander, gate. It can be used for flattening or advanced and sophisticated ducking.

The only difference between MSpectralDynamics and MSpectralDynamicsLE is the absence of the Edit button (in LE version). That would give you the access to advanced settings of particular effects.

60% off

You can get MSpectralDynamicsLE for $47 (base price $116) until October 10th.

Also the more complex and advanced MSpectralDynamics will be discounted during the period. The plugin‘s price will be reduced to $179 (base price $234).

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