Huge promo on Zynaptiq PITCHMAP


Process the pitch of individual sounds within mixed signals in real-time!

We’re excited to inform you that Zynaptiq will be offering a special on the award winning PITCHMAP plug-in starting today.

Pricing is $99. This is $280 off the $379 List price!

Here’s what one of Zynaptiq’s high profile artists says about PITCHMAP:

“PITCHMAP is what every musician working with sampled material has always wanted: the ability to adapt a sample to your music, not the other way around. And it’s fast and intuitive in doing so. It is mind-blowing how you can instantly change the harmonies in even a full mix. Very inspiring, highly addictive. Let me sum that up for you: PITCHMAP is awesome!”

Martin Buttrich’s credits include remix- and production-work for Madonna, Muse, Fatboy Slim, Placebo, Tom Jones, Depeche Mode, Kelis, Josh Wink and more. He received a Grammy nomination in 2003 for a Tori Amos remix and is co-founder of German label Desolat.

See other testimonials on Zynaptiq’s website or learn more about the product…

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