Blue Cats releases new updates

Blue Cat Audio has released an update for 12 of their plug-ins, including 6 freeware plug-ins from their Free Pack: Blue Cat’s Chorus, DP Meter Pro, Flanger, FreqAnalyst, FreqAnalyst Multi, Gain Suite, Liny EQ, Oscilloscope Multi, Phaser, Protector, StereoScope Multi, Triple EQ.
New versions include new copy/paste capabilities, memory optimizations, Audio Suite support for Pro Tools (Liny EQ) and many other enhancements and fixes (details below).

New Features:

  • Copy/paste the plug-in’s current state from the presets menu using the system clipboard.
  • Liny EQ: Audio Suite support for offline processing in Pro Tools (AAX).
  • Improvements:

  • Reduced the plug-ins’ memory usage.
  • Windows VST Installers now remember where the plug-in was initially installed to simplify upgrades.
  • (Mac) plug-in version number is now available when using “Get Info” in the Finder.
  • (Mac) Improved display of Audio Unit parameters in most host applications.
  • Bug Fixes:

  • (Mac) Fixed window frame not showing in Cubase 7.5 (32-bit).
  • (Mac) About window does not show up first in the corner of the screen any more.
  • (Win) Alt-Click on a control now resets the value to default in Pro Tools, as expected.
  • Fixed version number reported to host application for VST and Audio Unit versions.
  • For registered users, the update is free and the new version can be found at the same place as the initial version.

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