Let’s Have FUN (re) Mixing DJ Colette with P&M plug-ins

Dear Friends, Today we are proud to launch our first re-mixing contest in association with our friends at PureMix.net

The concept is very simple: Let’s Have Fun Re-Mixing DJ Colette hit song “We Feel so Hot” !
Listen to the cool mixes already posted by users on SoundCloud !

Everyone that participates will win a FREE P&M Plug-in and a FREE video tutorial from Puremix.net

10 winners will be selected and they will ALL win a P&M V.I.P. Bundle ($299 Value) as well as a ONE year subscription to Puremix video content ($269 Value)

Before you jump on you DAW, watch the cool video below that shows how Fab Dupont got away with a “Flash Mix” using ONLY Plug & Mix Plug-ins :

Next step : Once registered to our FORUMS, you will have access to the Private Mixing Contest thread where you will find further information as well as hot audio tracks to download and use for your own personal mix.

During the Re-Mixing Contest that will end on February 17, The Plug&Mix V.I.P Bundle will be sold at promoted price of ONLY $179 (MSRP $299). That is ONLY $4.48 per Plug-in !

Have FUN !

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