New Puremix ‘Robbie Williams Mix’ tutorial !

Puremix Robbie Williams550

Puremix has released its latest tutorial at only $39, which lets you sit next to Grammy winner John Paterno while he explains to you, step-by-step, how he mixed Robbie Williams’ hit song: “Don’t Stop Talking”.

“John Paterno Mixing Robbie Williams” takes you through an amazing 3 hour journey where John starts from the foundation of the rhythm section and offers priceless insights on how he recorded the sessions and then he walks you through his choices of plug-ins and analog hardware to process over 60+ tracks.

After careful mixing of the lead vocals working with EQ, compression and effects to make it sit and float in the mix, John then covers his 2-bus processing chain that glue the tracks together perfectly. He then mixes acoustic and electric guitars, background vocals and all of keyboard tracks which are an integral part of the production.

No matter your skill level in sound engineering and music production, John Paterno’s way of explaining his thought process makes it easy for everyone to absorb his techniques and methods to apply them on any mixing session.

Learn how to achieve a professional sounding pop record with:

  • Background vocals effects to create that tight pocket around the singer during choruses
  • Electric guitar tricks to keep the wall of sound wide and smooth
  • Drum processing to maintain impact and drive the groove
  • Low frequency saturation to give bass that body and energy that never stops pumping the beat.

This is your best chance to learn how a hit record is made – from its raw tracks and production choices to a compelling final vision for the record.

Available on the DontCrack Store.

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