MeldaProduction announces Version 10!

MeldaProduction have been hard at work updating all of their catalogue to version 10. Here is a list of the improvements and you’ll see how much they have done to improve their plug-ins for you.

What’s New in MeldaProduction’s Version 10?

  • Added free MAGC plugin, included in MXXX.
  • Added offline processing support for maximizing quality when rendering – the plugins can variate smart interpolation level and upsampling factor.
  • Added full touch-screen support on Windows for up to 16 fingers/devices.
  • Added Analog LP (approximating analog but linear-phase), Panorama, Mid/side crossovers to all multiband plugins and Crossover FX in MXXX
  • Added Level detector equalizer and psychoacoustic prefiltering to MPhatik. It can therefore be used as a simple AGC in MXXX.
  • Information panel in multiparameters is no longer collapsed by default.
  • Added support for all relevant audio formats on OSX (m4a, aac, aifc etc.) in all plugins loading files.
  • Added Override length, Pitch shift and Size limit to MMultiBandConvolution.
  • Added Level transformation to MCharacter.
  • MMultiBandConvolution FX now notifies when a missing IR is required to load.
  • Added level graph vertical line to MWaveShaper and MMultiBandWaveShaper (including MXXX).
  • Added Measure input switch to MPhatik’s compressor.
  • Improved VST3 support.
  • And much MORE.

MeldaProduction version 10 products are available right now at The DontCrack Store.



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