Nomad Factory updates AS-Gate plug-in for mono usage support in DAWs

Nomad Factory have today released an update to their Analog Studio Rack module, AS-Gate, and have also fully optimized all individuals and rack CPU usage for best performance and stability in your DAWs.

Important Note: For Mac users, AS-Rack and Individuals versions 1.0.4 and above will now require “OS X 10.8 or above” for system compatibility support.


New, in version 1.0.4. In the AS-Gate module as both an individual plug-in and in the AS-Rack, you will find a Channel Link button (Ch. Link) that allows mono source process support in DAWs that do not have/create dedicated mono tracks, such as Reaper and Ableton.

From the manual…

The original/default mode (when on) uses the minimum input level of each channel to drive the gate. This works fine for stereo operation, but for mono, if no signal is present for either left/right, the gate will not process…

When off (new mode), each channel is processed separately, and hence mono works for your source panned left or right.

** For proper mono operation, please switch this button off when using DAWs that do not support mono tracks (Reaper, Ableton).

AS-Gate with channel link

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