Applied Acoustics Systems release “Stranger Strings”

AAS Stranger Strings

AAS (Applied Acoustics Systems) have today released their new String Studio VS-2 and AAS Player pack, “Stranger Strings”, in collaboration with Italian sound designer David of MixbusTV on YouTube.

Available now and through September 10, 2018, as part of the AAS 20th Anniversary sale, you can purchase Stranger Strings for only $19 below at the DontCrack Store.

AAS Stranger Strings, available for purchase here at the DontCrack Store

Also included in String Studio VS-2 & Packs and the AAS Libraries collection

Stranger Strings showcases an eclectic collection of 104 “mix-ready” presets that touches rock, pop, industrial, movie soundtracks, hip hop, trap as well as EDM.

With plenty of arpeggiators, leads, deep basses, or one- shot sound effects, layering your tracks with Stranger Strings brings a fresh air to your music.

Made with performance in mind, these sounds morph and change based on your playing and sensibility—they go far beyond their description. And, as the main voice on your mix or as rhythmic textures Stranger Strings can be the finishing touch you’re after!

Features :

  • 104 Mix Ready Presets
  • Arpeggiators
  • Leads
  • Deep Basses
  • SFX
  • And more…

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