zenAud.io release Major 2.1.1 Update for ALK2/SOLO

zenAud.io ALK 2

zenAud.io has released a major update to its looper DAWs, zenAud.io ALK2 and ALK2 Solo. New graphical adjustments in v2.1.1 allow for significant performance enhancements including lower buffer sizes (less latency) and CPU improvements of up to 30%.

Product updates are available in user’s account area at the zenAud.io website.

Check out the ALK2 and ALK SOLO products for review and purchase, here at the DontCrack Store

Users will now find a “High Definition Graphics” toggle switch in ALK’s preferences pane, switched off by default. This disables glow FX and limits frame-rate to 30 FPS.

Those who wish to retain ALK’s original graphical look can re-enable this option at any time. Users can also expect significant reductions in GPU temperature and fan RPM.

New Features:

  • New graphics toggle in preferences results in up to 30% CPU improvement

Bugs Fixed:

  • Grid numbers change with zoom level when time signature numerator is an odd number
  • Graphical level meters now decay consistently at all buffer sizes

Known Issues:

  • Visual waveform bug
  • Issues running Waves VST plugins (Audio Units working correctly)

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