Save big money on Antares Promos on Harmony Engine and Mic Mod


Antares has announced promo on Harmony Engine Evo for only $79 (List $249) and the Mic Mod EFX for only $49 (List $129).

Get Harmony Engine Evo for only $79

Get Mic Mod EFX for only $49

About Antares Harmony Engine EVO and Mic Mod EFX :

Harmony Engine Evo incorporates Antares’ groundbreaking Evo Voice Processing Technology for faster, more accurate pitch detection, smoother, artifact-free pitch shifting, and seamless, natural-sounding (if you want it to be) throat modeling. And with 5 channels of Antares’ unique CHOIR Vocal Multiplier, you can create huge vocal ensembles out of a single vocal line.

Mic Mod EFX lets the microphones you own sound like the microphones you wish you owned. Using Antares patented Spectral Shaping Tool technology, Antares have created precise digital models of over 125 historical classic and exotic microphones. Simply tell Mic Mod EFX what microphone you are actually using and what microphone you’d like it to sound like. It’s as simple as that.

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