Applied Acoustics Systems release “Hover” !

Applied Acoustics Systems - Hover

AAS release Hover, a new sound pack for Chromaphone 2 (also included in Libraries and The Integral), containing 100 presets highlighting chillwave and downtempo sub genres at its core. Only $19 until February 11th, 2019!

Get AAS’s “Hover” for Chromaphone 2 Here !

AAS sound designer newcomer Niall McCallum presents Hover, a brand new collection of presets showcasing and celebrating the wide-ranging sonic capabilities of Chromaphone 2.

Playing to Chomaphone’s strengths with an intricate choice of tuned percussion and sturdy drums, deep mallets, rich keys, driving basses, the pack’s 100 presets also wander into creative territory with sets of shimmering reverb and delay-drenched guitar-like synths, sweeping sound effects, and dusty analog synthesizer tones.

At its core, Hover highlights the vibe and character of the “chillwave” and “downtempo” sub-genres.

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