GRM release two great freeware plug-ins, SpaceMaster and SpaceVR

GRM Spaces Freeware

Ina GRM have just released two new freeware utilities, SpaceMaster and SpaceVR. Both are designed for those working in Multichannel Sound and Virtual Reality environments.

About the new GRM Freeware modules

SpaceMaster enables you to identify and calibrate different multichannel output channels (from 1to 64) and to position the input channels in the output space.

SpaceMaster MAC Download

SpaceMaster WINDOWS Download

SpaceMaster Documentation Download

SpaceVR was developed in collaboration with 3D Sound Labs, it generates a stereo binaural output from a multichannel input (from 1 to 64 channels) by using head-related transfer functions (HRTF) from 3D Sound Labs. The orientation and position of the listener can be modified.

SpaceVR MAC Download

SpaceVR WINDOWS Download

SpaceVR Documentation Download

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