Krotos Audio 30% Off Upgrades through July !

Krotos 30 Percent Off Upgrades

For the next 5 days, transform your workflow forever with Krotos product upgrades…

Already own a Krotos product and are ready to add more power, speed and creativity to your sound design process?

Whether you’re upgrading from Simple Monsters, or you’re a Reformer Pro power-user, there’s an upgrade path to suit a wide range of needs and budgets.

Interested in what Krotos Audio are all about for your sound design, film works, and post production need?

Igniter, the new industry standard for creating any real-world or sci-fi vehicle and engine sound effects with ease…

Or, Dehumaniser 2 perhaps, a powerful vocal processing tool perfect for a range of vocal effects, from monsters to robots and… more.

If you’re new to Krotos and are looking to get into the world of sound design for films etc, we have the products for you available at DontCrack…


Krotos is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and creates unique audio software products for AAA game studios, film studios, and top-notch post-production companies worldwide. Their first product, Dehumaniser Pro, was launched November 2013 to rave reviews and since, the company has quickly grown in size whilst releasing numerous exciting products.

As the brainchild of sound designer Orfeas Boteas, Krotos is always looking for ways to improve the post-production process while simultaneously making it fun for sound engineers.

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