Toontrack release new EZX Kicks & Snares


Mix & Match Magic. Toontrack release Kicks & Snares EZX Pack.

Regardless of genre or style, arguably any engineer would agree: the kick and the snare are irrevocably the two biggest focal points of not only the rhythm section but also the entire mix. The Kicks & Snares EZX zooms in on delivering exactly that: kicks and snares. An overwhelming amount of them, we might add – in total 74 multi-sampled and never-before-released instruments recorded in eight different top studios in Australia and the UK.

Factoring in the wide range of alternative tunings and recorded configurations, you’ll have around 130 unique kick and snare voices at your disposal. What differentiates this EZX even more from earlier ones is that each kick and snare position has four extra channels featuring individually processed versions: ‘Sub,’ ‘Skin Lo,’ ‘Skin Hi’ and ‘Club/Stick.’ This will enable you to infinitely tweak and find your personal blends for each instrument.

In addition, the Kicks & Snares EZX comes with close to 100 unique kit presets covering anything from traditional/organic mixes to those involving elaborate sound design. To add, one set of toms, two crashes, one ride and one set of hi-hats are included for easy kit construction. Combined, this all makes this EZX a veritable monster of sound for broad use in anything from custom kit creation and sound replacement to acoustic/organic, modern pop, hip-hop, ambient and electronic. EZdrummer 2 owner? Welcome to a mind-blowing toolbox of mix-ready kits and instruments. Superior Drummer 3 user Revel in a near infinite palette of options that opens up for limitless sound design.

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