Toontrack announces Shuffles EZkeys MIDI and Shuffled Backbeats MIDI for EZDrummer 2

Toontrack has released their latest MIDI pack additions for EZkeys and EZDrummer 2 with Shuffles EZkeys MIDI and Shuffled Backbeats MIDI (respectively). Both of these new exciting packs are dedicated to the Shuffle style, where those swung eighth and sixteenth notes give the music a ‘groove’ which has a ‘feel’ of its own.

This is where the Shuffles EZkeys MIDI pack takes off. Rather than pinpointing a specific genre, it focuses entirely on the groove. Expect the sophistication of AOR, the twang and finesse of fusion and all the funk-infused soul, rock and pop you’ll need – all with that unmistakable shuffle feel.

The moment you nudge those seemingly insignificant notes back, you instantly get a completely different feel and rhythm. Playing shuffled grooves, on the other hand, is far from simply backing off on notes – it’s a subtile art of timing and finesse. Listen to greats like Bernard Purdie, Jeff Porcaro and Steve Jordan, who all have immortalized and reinvented the shuffled groove in numerous timeless songs, and you’ll hear it.

Shuffles EZkeys MIDI is available now at the DontCrack Store.

The Shuffled Backbeats MIDI pack for EZDrummer 2 comes with a comprehensive collection of MIDI inspired by classic songs spanning several genres, all with that distinct swing feel. So if you were thinking that your music could do with a bit more magic and you have very fond memories of those track where the ‘shuffle’ made the song, these packs are for you.

Shuffled Backbeats MIDI pack is available now at the DontCrack Store.

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