Peace Love Productions Analogica and Blockade: Video Loop Packs Released

If DJ Shadow is your hero and you want an easy way to create audio / visual sets, check out the new video loop packs from Peace Love Productions — Analogica – Vintage Analog Synthesizers In 3D-Space, and Blockade – Abstract Motion Mapping.

Designed with VJs and music producers in mind, each royalty-free video loop pack includes 18 seamless loops that are fully compatible with VJ applications such as Serato Scratch Live (with the Video Plugin) and Resolume, as well as the many digital audio workstations (DAWs) that can also import video; these include Apple GarageBand, Acoustica Mixcraft, and Sony Acid Pro.

The live visual performer and visual content producer, Hamageddon, provided his many years of experience and his 3D Motion Mapping technology to Peace Love Productions for these new video loop packs. Analogica and Blockade offer visuals that will click with your music, and not just run along with it.

Analogica – Vintage Analog Synthesizers In 3D-Space features images of legendary synthesizers from Roland, Korg, Arp, and Oberheim. Each synth image is brought to life via 3D motion mapping technology. The 18 video loops offer seamless looping visuals that work well with electronic music styles with a strong synthesizer focus, along with electro, minimal, and techno genres too. All Analogica video loops can be previewed on the Peace Love Productions Web site.

The Analogica pack is available in different video formats (NTSC 720 x 480 | PAL 720 x 576) for Mac (choose mov.files — Quicktime PJEG encoded) or PC (choose avi.files, indeo encoded) for $24.95.

Next in line, Blockade – Abstract Motion Mapping ($24.95) features 3D motion mapping of bright and sparkling visual objects in 3D space. This video loop pack, notes the manufacturer, would be the perfect companion for a wide range of electronic music styles. Eighteen video loops are included and they may be previewed on the Peace Love Productions Web site.

Analogica and Blockade are ready to be used with the video tool of your choice, whether that is Sony Acid, Serato Scratch Live with Video Plug In, Sony Vegas, Apple Final Cut, Ableton Live, Acoustica Mixcraft, GarageCube Modul8, or Resolume. The video clips are available in full SD resolution (NTSC or PAL formats) for Mac (PJPEG / mov) or PC (indeo / avi).

To learn more about the new video loop packs, visit Peace Love Productions at

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